luxury silk scarves - made in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Harlig scarves made from? 

Both our printed and hand-painted Harlig scarves are made from 100% silk. 

Where are Harlig printed silk scarves made? 

Our printed scarves are made in Gloucestershire, UK; we strongly believe in preserving the UK textile industry and drawing from it's heritage and skilled craftsmanship. We engage directly with our mill and visit every season, listening to their expertise. The mills' advice and input plays a huge part in both the design and development of our collections. 

We will always endeavour to produce in the UK, where feasible, and focus on slow fashion and conscious manufacture. 

Where are Harlig hand-painted silk scarves made? 

Our hand-painted scarves are individuals painted in the London studio, on silk chiffon scarves, which are brought ready made from a supplier that sources in China. As we grow, we plan to move this production source to the UK, hand-rolling in a similar fashion to the printed silk scarves. 

What is hand-rolling?

Hand-rolling is a traditional way of finishing the hems of luxury silk scarves, as opposed to the cheaper, quicker option of machine stitching. Our printed silk scarves are hand-rolled by skilled artisans at the UK mill. 


How do I care for my Harlig silk scarf?

Care for your silk scarf by either dry cleaning or hand washing. When hand washing, use a small amount of liquid soap, suitable for silk, and ensure water is cool (not warmer than blood heat). Wash gently, avoid using anything abrasive and do not spot rub. Rinse in cold water and squeeze excess water, avoid wringing. Pat off excess moisture between clean, dry towels. For best finish, iron on reverse side, low setting, whilst slightly damp. Do not tumble dry, machine wash or bleach. 

Store your scarf in a cool, dry place, preferably within the box that the scarf is delivered in.  

How is my silk scarf packaged? 

Harlig silk scarves are individually inspected before dispatch from our London studio. Each scarf is wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a sturdy, protective Harlig box.

Do you take wholesale orders? 

We welcome orders from retailers and are actively seeking new stockists, both big and small. Please get in touch for more information here

How can I get involved with Harlig? 

We are a small, independent, start-up business and would love to hear your feedback; please contact us through our social media or our contact page. As a small business our reputation and doing things the right way is key to our ethos. Please help us spread the word about Harlig, tell your friends, family, ex-lovers, neighbours, pets, colleagues and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest